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This season, 60 Minutes celebrates its 50th season on the air by taking a spin through its archives to find memorable moments from past years. Each week this season 60 Minutes ends with a short clip from a classic 60 Minutes story.

Senior producer Frank Devine, who has been with the broadcast for 28 years, finds these weekly moments.  

“What makes the assignment particularly enjoyable is having the opportunity to return Mike Wallace, Harry Reasoner, Ed Bradley, Morley Safer, Bob Simon and occasionally Andy Rooney to our Sunday broadcasts for this 50th season,” he says.

Week 1: Our first broadcast

Week 2: Explaining the financial crisis

Week 3: Nixon runs for office

Week 4: Rainman’s inspiration

Week 5: The Great One

Week 6: Hanging out with George Burns

Week 7: Sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll

Week 8: Don’t rush Christmas

Week 9: An extraordinary talent

Week 10: Will Oprah be successful?

Week 11: Nancy Reagan redecorates the White House

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