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Hours before the allegations against Sen. Al Franken became public Thursday, Trump ally Roger Stone seemed to know they were coming.

A Twitter account linked to the former Trump adviser posted a quote from Stone in the early hours Thursday morning that suggested he expected allegations involving the Minnesota Democrat to go public.

Later in the morning, Leeann Tweeden, a TV host, model and sports broadcaster claimed in an article online that that Franken had “kissed and groped” her without her consent during a USO Tour in December 2006.

Tweeden said that Franken wrote a part into a skit for her that said Franken’s character would lean into kiss her. While practicing the skit during a rehearsal, Tweeden said that Franken insisted that they rehearse the kiss. Tweeden wrote that Franken then came at her and “put his hand on the back of my head, mashed his lips against mine and aggressively stuck his tongue in my mouth.”

A photo that accompanied the post showed Franken groping her chest while it looked like she was asleep on a flight back to the U.S. from Afghanistan.

Franken apologized for his actions, though said he remembered the skit differently. He said that he would cooperate with an ethics investigation into the incident. 

CBS News’ Blair Guild contributed to this report.

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