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LOS ANGELES – The new year brings in new laws across the country. For workers trying to scrape by, they’re getting a raise Monday. The minimum wage goes up in 18 states total, from Maine to California.

Also in the Golden State, pot shops can now open for business, making California the largest state to allow recreational marijuana.


18 states are increasing the minimum wage in 2018

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For those caught up in the battle between local police and federal immigration agents, California is now a sanctuary state. Police will not be allowed to ask about immigration status, or hold anyone for deportation unless that person has been convicted of a crime.

California even changed the rules for jaywalking, so now you can cross the street once the countdown starts — just make sure you finish crossing the street before it hits zero.

In Michigan, a new law aims to protect young athletes by requiring training for high school coaches to spot concussions more quickly.


Teens in Colorado face a crackdown on sexting in 2018

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Meanwhile, teens in Colorado now face a crackdown on sexting. Those who share nude photos can now be charged with sexual exploitation.

In Illinois, who gets the dog in a divorce? Like children,  judges will now determine sole or joint custody for pets. But who gets to claim them on their taxes? Maybe Congress can pass that later this year.

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