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This week marks the first anniversary of Donald Trump’s election to the presidency.

CBS News chief Washington correspondent and “Face the Nation” anchor John Dickerson met a group of three men and three women ranging in ages from 26 to 82 — all New Hampshire residents who voted for Mr. Trump last November. Assembled with the help of YouGov, two identify as Republicans, while the others say they are independents.


“Face the Nation” anchor John Dickerson with a New Hampshire focus group

CBS News

“Who here, by a show of hands, thinks the country is doing better now than it was a year ago?” Dickerson asked the focus group. 

All six people raised their hands.

“The economy is certainly a big thing. It was nice to see the economy jump a little bit from the end of Obama’s presidency,” Peter said. “It seems like a lot of that is just coming from promises that Trump is making. Like he’s saying, ‘I’m going to make things better for business. I’m going to lower corporate tax rates.’ So that builds enthusiasm so companies seem like they’re more willing to invest in the future.”

“I agree with everything that Peter just said,” Dina responded. “I think that the – we’re fiscally, we’re doing better, financially. The stock market’s going up. But I also think that it’s because of a lot of things that haven’t been put into place yet, like the tax reform.”

Dickerson also asked whether Republican lawmakers should work for their constituents or work for the president. 

“They ought to follow their party platform and from whatever stems from that,” Terry said. “We have a majority, or the GOP has a majority in Congress, Senate and the presidency. And they’re not working together. And it’s shameful.”

“Do you think President Trump has helped foster a sense of community in America?” Dickerson asked.

“Oh, he’s made it much worse,” Peter said.

“In the past, presidents have brought nations together. Why is President Trump – why can’t he do that?” Dickerson asked.

“Like, he just will lie or, like, make things up for the effect it has on other people. That’s not a way that a good person will live their life,” Peter responded.

Tom said it bothers him that the president doesn’t tell the truth. 

“It is very frustrating. It’s one of the big knocks on the president, is that he can’t seem to keep his ego in check and keep the lies under control. … He needs to act presidential and step it up,” Tom said. 

After voting for Mr. Trump last election, Tom said his vote is “absolutely” up in the air now.

You can see more of this focus group this Sunday, Nov. 12, on “Face the Nation.” 

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