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If you still have some last-minute holiday shopping, not to worry: Stores are ready. This was “Super Saturday,” considered the biggest day of the year for retail sales.

Just in time for Christmas, Martha Carrera is wrapping up her holiday shopping.

“There’s just never enough time!” Carrera laughed. 

The National Retail Federation says more than half of adults in the U.S. planned to shop on Saturday, the last full shopping day before Christmas.


It’s the last Saturday before Christmas — so here come the last-minute shoppers.

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“It’s big for shoppers, for procrastinators and for retailers,” said Charisse Jones, who covers business and the economy for USA Today.

“The last two years, Super Saturday, which is the last Saturday before Christmas, has been the biggest shopping day of the year, and that’s going to be the same case this year, with 126 million people expected to shop,” Jones said.

More men than women were planning to shop on Super Saturday — also known as “Panic Saturday.”


More men than women planned to go shopping on the Saturday before Christmas.

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“Panic Saturday would be me,” said Tab Kirkland. 

He said he’s “almost there” to total panic. Why did he procrastinate?

“Well, I’m just busy and gosh, not really sure what we want to do, what I want to buy,” he said. 

But many shoppers say they intentionally waited until this weekend to get good deals.

“There’s a lot of bargains,” said Dominique Rodgers. “They’re trying to get this stuff out of there.”


Last-minute shopping the Saturday before Christmas.

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The stuff that’s selling the most this holiday season? Clothing, toys, gift cards, books and electronics.

And just over half of last-minute shoppers are buying their gifts online.

“I do the online shopping where I have the luxury of time, but as you know, the holidays are tomorrow,” Carrera said.

The National Retail Federation predicts by the time the holidays are over, the average American will spend just over $600 dollars on gifts. For true last-minute shoppers, some shops will still be open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Five percent of shoppers surveyed say they won’t finish buying gifts until after Christmas. 

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