Boston neighborhood still flooded even before 2nd storm hits

5:15 p.m.: Joesph Soares was not going to let a little water stop his kids from getting to school.

His neighborhood, right on the Duxbury-Marshfield line in Massachusetts, has been flooded since Friday when the first nor’easter hit. By Wednesday, he was getting creative.

Soares used a paddle board to bring his three kids to the bus stop, CBS Boston reports.

“I’ve been bringing them one at a time,” said Soares.

“My wife is a nurse a pediatric nurse and she has to get to work, I’ve been bringing her on the paddle board also.”

Breaches in the seawall along towns on the South Shore have left numerous neighborhoods in similar positions, even before Wednesday’s snowstorm.

“We have massive, massive destruction to our infrastructure here, this is a huge problem for the town,” said Duxbury Town Manager René Read.

On Tuesday, crews were using heavy machinery to haul boulders to the beach where the seawall had collapsed as a temporary solution.

Duxbury resident Susan Nicols said she is devastated. “Never thought this would happen because we’re so much higher than everyone else, but because of the wall we had no control,” she explained.

Soares said, “There’s a real fear of people absolutely losing their house especially up on Cable Hill … our prayers are with them.”

Eventually, the entire seawall will need to be replaced. The town hopes to have flood waters pumped out of the area by Friday.